Wholebody Focusing

psychotherapy wellingtonMost of how we are and what drives us day to day is unconscious; if we bring these patterns of being to consciousness, we empower ourselves and can enjoy more freedom and choice.  Wholebody Focusing is a mindfulness and body oriented approach to psychotherapy (it is not a physical body therapy). It involves guidance through words and a particular way of listening and being, to awaken your body’s wisdom; enabling what is unconscious to become conscious and in the process energy blocks are cleared, and awareness and acceptance grows.

It is a very gentle and subtle approach which is effective for:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • working with the emotional and psychological aspects of physical illness and pain
  • releasing ‘stuck coping patterns’ including depression

In addition to helping clients with specific goals, Wholebody Focusing results in more mindfulness, ease, vitality, and clarity.

I also offer one on one training in Wholebody Focusing to other therapists and health practitioners.

For more about Wholebody Focusing: wholebodyfocusing.com  

For more about Focusing: the focusing institute

“Once your body is allowed to be itself, uncramped, it has the wisdom to deal with your problems”